About us

A combined junior and senior high school

We are one of three combined prefectural junior and senior high schools in Kumamoto prefecture. In 2012, the first class of Yatsushiro junior high students graduated and entered Yatsushiro high school. Working hard with each other, all students are able to enjoy their school lives. Through having school life and club activities operate with a wide range of age groups, students can enhance their sociability and rich sense of humanity.

Advantages of cooperation with junior high students

・Become leaders
When you enter our school, you will be a role model for junior high students. You will be together during school events and club activities. Therefore you will soon realize that you are an older student and feel a sense of responsibility. You will also develop your leadership abilities.

・Become active
Thanks to sharing school life with lively and active junior high students, the overall atmosphere of our school is more bright and energetic. You will feel drawn to become more active in our school.

・Become positive
The responsibilities and vitality which students cultivate here enrich all the aspects of their daily life. They work actively not only on school events and club activities, but also on studying.

Programs with junior high school

・The peer support system
Through this system high school students counsel junior high students on issues regarding their school lives. High school students also get good experience through this program.

・Club activities
Several clubs welcome junior high students. Of course it is difficult for them to do exactly the same things as high school students. High school students however coach them willingly. The following clubs welcome junior high students: biological research, physics research, scientific research, astronomy, track and field, brass band, kendo, judo, chorus, and art.

・School events
We have almost all school events include junior high students as much as we can. Some examples are the athletic meet, school festival, lectures, and assemblies.