A brief history of Yatsushiro High School


Yatsushiro High School was founded in 1896 (Meiji Era 29) as Yatsushiro branch school of Seiseiko in Kumamoto City.  It was taken over by the prefectural government and named Prefectural Yatsushiro Junior High School in 1901 (Meiji Era 34).

According to the reform of the educational system enforced in 1948 (Showa Era 23), its name was changed again to Prefectural Yatsushiro High School. In the next year, it was integrated with Yatsushiro Girls High School and established as a co-ed school.

In 2009 (Heisei Era 21), Prefectural Yatsushiro Junior High school (two classes) was opened .  Yatsushiro High School has since operated as a combined junior and high school.

In our history of one hundred twenty years there have been over 37,000 graduates, and our school has produced a great number of leading figures in political, financial, industrial, educational and other fields. Its long history and fine tradition has cultivated our pupils’ energetic spirits, deep sincerity and independence.

At present Yatsushiro Senior High School has 18 classes (6 classes in each grade), and the Junior High School has 6 classes ( 2 classes in each grade), that are making every effort in both studies and sports to make themselves sincere, self-determined, and broad-minded.