Administrative building

There are the principal’s office, teachers’ offices, school office and other special rooms in this building. When you visit us, please come to the school office first. Climb the outside stairs next to the library building; then you will see our entrance on the second floor and the office is on your left.

Classroom building

All classrooms are located here. We have a courtyard between the administrative building and this building

Homemaking course building

( Students’ entrance and cooking room)

There are special rooms for homemaking courses in this building. The students’ entrance and a school shop are also in this building. The students’ bicycle parking area is in front of the students’ entrance. Almost all students come to school by bicycle.

No.1 indoor gym and a martial arts hall

We have an indoor gym and training room on the first floor, and martial arts (Judo and Kendo) training halls on the second floor.

No.2 indoor gym

It was completed in June, 2010

Library building

We have more than 60,000 books. You can make use of the personal studying booths and browsing room on the second floor.

Dormitory for short stays

It is a two-story building called the “ ho-su- kan” or seminar house. We have parking space in front of this building